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The 2012 Domino Award Trip Experience

A Visit to High Tech Mecca

As part of the Domino Award, recipients are taken on a trip to see technological innovation first-hand. This year we took 2012 winner, John Lenz, and 2011’s winners, Valerie Chang and Ian Smith on a two day whirlwind tour in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2010 Domino Award winner, Katie Corner joined us, as she now call the Bay Area home, and helped to arrange our lodging and schedules for the trip. We had a slightly ominous start with a 1.5 hr. flight delay, then a bit of a fiasco with Hertz, resulting in missing our meeting with Chase McMichael, President and CEO of  InfiniGraph.

Our first stop kicked things off with a bang when we met with Silicon Valley Veteran, Bill Coleman.  Bill, your sage advice will ring in our ears for years.  We were honored that you fit us into your busy schedule.

Next, we were off to Twilio where we got a behind-the-scenes look at one of the hottest companies in the Bay Area.  Bixby & Kyle, thanks for the great demo, tour, and our first bounty of t-shirts.

We wrapped up the day at Dropbox.  Of course, in standard Bay Area style, we had dinner at the office (for me, prime rib, yes please).   I’ve been around a lot of “cool” tech companies over the years and I have to say that I (along with everyone else) was pretty blown away by Dropbox’s offices.  Matt, thanks for staying late, and sharing your story of how one thing led to another with you joining Dropbox.

The next day we had the pleasure of watching one of the space shuttles make it’s final flight. It was off schedule, throwing off our schedule, but none of us will ever forget the sight.  What a way to start the day!

Our time was short at Facebook, but we had the opportunity to get a feel for the work environment and how they approach recruiting.  Adam, thanks for showing us around, and telling those Instagram guys that we plan to pull up a chair in their “garage” next time we’re around.

Next was a sushi lunch at Google (what else would you expect).  Thanks to Paul, Max, Amer, and Nick for giving us a comprehensive view of life at Google.  I’m not sure any of us could exactly put into words our feelings about Google, but as Katie pointed out (and we all agreed) “it’s like going to geek Disneyland.”

Saturday we had a perfectly beautiful day touring the sites of San Francisco with my friend Ben Runyan.  Over lunch in China Town, Ben educated us about Xylinx’s latest programmable ICs and their use in the broadcast industry.  Ben, thanks for taking time out of your weekend to show us around.

Truly, this was a trip that all of us will never forget.  Thanks to everyone for hosting us, Katie for making all of the arrangements, and to the generous sponsors who made the trip possible.

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