2013 University of Colorado Domino Award Presentation

Herb and Alex at CU

Topplers founder Herb Morreale (L) discusses meeting Richard Stallman with 2013 Domino Award winner and CU freshman Alex Tsankov (R).

Topplers was excited to award the 2013 Domino Award to Alex Tsankov, a freshman in the Computer Sciences  Department at University of Colorado Boulder (CU). Alex’s essay on Richard Stallman’s lasting influence on computing was selected to receive a $500 scholarship and an all-expenses paid trip to experience innovations in technology first-hand.

This year’s award was presented at CU’s Computer Science Expo, by Professor Ken Anderson and Topplers founder Herb Morreale, a CU alumnus. Alex will be joining Domino Award winners from University of California, Irvine and University of California, Santa Cruz this coming fall for the trip portion of the award.

Topplers would like to thank our sponsors for generously supporting the Domino Award:  Adeptive Software, Applied Trust, ClickBank, and Gold Systems. Our sponsors are essential to helping keep the Domino Award going every year and we are grateful for their continued support.

CU CS fair crowd

Attendees view Senior Thesis projects at CU’s Computer Science Expo before the presentation of the 2013 Domino Award


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