2012 Domino Award – It’s that time again!

Are You The Next Domino Award Winner?

Since 2002, the Domino Award has been given to two students in the CS department who write short essays honoring a computer scientist who’s work “Set Big Things In Motion.”  Like a domino topple, all it takes is a simple “flick” and big things can happen.  For you, that flick is writing a 500 word essay (about a page), and submitting it before spring break (deadline Mar. 23).  If your essay is selected as one of the top two you receive:

  • $500 cash reward
  • All expenses paid trip to a place that will inspire you to think big.  For example, check out this video of a previous trip to Spaceport America.  Our next trip is tentatively scheduled for this Fall in Silicon Valley.
  • The ability to meet and network with leaders in the tech community.

Everyone that submits an essay is invited to the awards banquet in April where there’s a keynote speaker and, of course, pizza!

Here are some resources so you can learn more:

Again, the deadline is 3/23.  This is a unique opportunity so don’t wait to the last minute.

Submit your essay to Professor Lewis: <clayton.lewis@colorado.edu> and Herb Morreale <herb@topplers.org>.

If you’re business is interested in being one of this year’s sponsors to help expand the opportunities for the winners and get exposure to students in the CS department at the University of Colorado please contact herb@topplers.org.  Here’s the list of last years sponsors.

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